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Pat Santulli psantuli@apple.com

Introduction to iOS Devices, IOS Productivity, IOS Creativity

  • Essential Question: How can iOS devices enhance the learning environment
  • Technology, Learning, and Outcomes

Out of the Box

The Ins and Outs of the iPad

Anatomy of an iPad

Resources for Later

Apple Education Resources Page www.apple.com/education/resources

Waltham Resources http://teachinglearningipad.wikispaces.com

Waltham iPad Basics http://teachinglearningipad.wikispaces.com/iPad+Basics

Using Google drive on an iPad

Sharing items from Google Drive

MacBook Pro Learn how to use it

QR Codes

iOS In-Depth

**Apptivity Project**
Plan and gather resources to build a sample learning activity using iOS

IOS Productivity

IOS Creativity

Summary of Learning

  • Sharing and Idea Exchange
  • Reflection and Next Steps

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