Introduction to Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

Essential Question

How do productivity tools enhance student engagement? Technology, Learning, and Outcomes

How will you move through the Puentedura SAMR model using mobile devices?

Let us consider the ”use-effect” progression shown in the Puentedura SAMR model. Today, you will be introduced to three basic productivity tools. These tools aren't curriculum specific, but are to be considered as basic as pen, paper, and whiteboard.

We will spend about an hour on each app, learning by working on specific assignments. This afternoon, you will create a curriculum specific project utilizing the tools you learned.

Keep in mind, it isn't about the technology, but you do need to understand the basics of the tool in order to make it productive. The good news; each of the tool you will learn builds on prior knowledge.


  • Creating and Managing Presentations
  • Using Text and Media
  • Using Tables, Charts, and Shapes


  • Creating and Managing Documents
  • Using Text and Media
  • Adding Tables, Charts, Shapes


  • Creating and Managing Spreadsheets
  • Using Tables and Formatting Cells
  • Adding Sheets, Forms, and Formulas

Personal Project

Plan, Gather, Organize, and Build a Personalized Project

Summary of Learning

Sharing and Idea Exchange

Reflection and Next Steps