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iMovie Guided Practice

You will need meaningful video footage to edit for the iMovie guided practice to be successful.
  • Work in pairs to create a “let me teach you something” project (how to make a PB&J sandwich, how to screw in a lightbulb, change a car tire). Each pair to will choose an idea or concept to teach through a series of edited video clips.
  • Have the pair agree on a project idea storyboard of 3-5 clips, and determine what each partner will present. Record partner using the partner’s iPad.
  • Recommend landscape orientation to shoot the video and earbuds with remote mic for highest quality audio.

Video Capture

Although video can be captured directly into iMovie during the session, it is suggested to record clips using Camera. These recorded clips will appear in iMovie in the Video Well.

You will have 20-30 minutes to shoot the footage.

  1. Open Camera
  2. Select rear camera
  3. Record clips in 10-20 second segments
  4. Repeat for each partner

Open iMovie

When you are finished, youwill add a project from the marquee screen.

  1. If the marquee screen isn’t showing, tap the Projects button at the top
  2. Note: Buttons at bottom, Play full-screen, Share, Import, Add, Trash, Help
  3. Tap the Add button (+) and select New Project
  4. Note that a project’s information can be changed on marquee screen

Note the different areas of the iMovie window including Media Library, view window, tool bars, and timeline

Adding Video and Photos

Videos, photos, and audio are all accessed from the Media Library icons in the lower-left corner below the viewer
  1. Tap Video button, find a clip
  2. Preview clip with preview play button
  3. Tap the clip, drag trim handles to select desired portion
  4. Tap the blue arrow to add to the project
  5. Repeat process for additional clips
  6. Tap Photo button, find a photo
  7. Tap a photo to move to timeline
  8. Drag or swipe to move the video clip to the beginning on the project timeline
  9. Tap Play button

Recording Video into iMovie

  1. Clips taken within iMovie are not available within the Camera Roll.
  2. Scroll project timeline to the end (or to wherever video is to be added)
  3. Tap camera button below the viewer, tap Record, tap again to stop
  4. Tap Use


Clips can be moved within the timeline by tapping, holding, and dragging to a new position

  1. Move video clips
  2. Play
  3. Add a photo to the project timeline
  4. Reposition as needed with same technique

Trim Tool

  • Use the Trim tool to change the length of video clip or photo.
  • Double tap a video clip or photo
  • Use the Trim tool yellow trim handles to adjust the length of the video clip

Clip Settings

Title Style, Location, and volume can be changed in Clip Settings.

  1. Double tap the project or video clip
  2. Tap Title Style, select location, enter title name
  3. Tap Location and add a location (this will be used later in Themes)
  4. Adjust playback volume of video clip
  5. Tap audio waveform button to view a visual of audio volume

Project Settings

The Project Settings icon is in the upper right corner of the screen. Settings for Theme Music, Loop Background Music, and fade are included.

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner
  2. Select the Travel theme
  3. Turn theme music on
  4. Select fade in or out from black


Audio is added from the Audio browser or can be recorded into a project.

Tap the Audio icon; select the audio clip; tap to add to the project timeline
  1. Double tap the audio clip in the project timeline to make adjustments
  2. Tap Record Audio button icon to add voiceover audio; tap Stop
  3. Tap and hold the blue or purple audio element; drag the clip to a new location in the project timeline
  4. Tap the audio waveform button
  5. Use the precision editor to adjust audio of individual clips


Choices of transitions are directly related to the Theme chosen for the movie projec

Double-tap the small icon between two clips

  1. Choose a different transition
  2. Select transition length

  • Trailers are an exciting way to easily create multi-screen themed movies with preset themes and music.
  • Trailers can include photos and video clips

Tap the Create (+) button on the marquee screen
  1. Scroll the iMovie trailers, tap to select one, tap Play button in the viewer to preview
  2. Tap Create
  3. Tap the Outline tab; tap the placeholder name; type text in the field
  4. Tap the Storyboard tab
  5. Tap the Video browser, tap to select the desired video, preview with the preview button and tap the blue arrow to add to trailer
  6. Tap the Video browser, tap to select the desired video, tap the blue arrow
  7. Tap the Camera button, record a video clip directly into placeholder
  8. Tap the Photo browser, tap to select the desired photo and add to trailer
  9. Preview trailer in full screen or in the Edit Shot pane


Tap My Projects or select a project from the marquee screen
  1. Scroll to center the project or trailer to be shared, tap the Share button
  2. Tap Camera Roll or desired location

What elements do you feel students will embrace? What ideas do you have for moviemaking in the classroom?

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